• Trying Gluon for this place. Nice looking app. Digging it.

  • The best I could do. Animals

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, Day 13. @agilelisa)

  • Absolutely stumped on ideas for today’s prompt legend. So here’s a book I’m reading by one.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, Day 12. @TheDimPause.)

  • I’m American, so I’m taking today’s prompt (hygge) to mean things that give comfort.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, Day 11. @Odd)

  • Bridges. The under side of them, at least.

    Fun fact: the one on the right was kilometer zero for the Olympic road races a couple months ago. I cycled out to see the start of the men’s race. It was badass.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, Day 10. @crossingthethreshold.)

  • It cannot be overstated how comforting it is to live in a place that’s so safe you can walk around, even at night, with zero concern about danger.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, day 9. @maique.)

  • Twilight on my early morning bike ride.

    (Day 8 of the October Photoblogging Challenge @rom).

  • Goodbye old 10-gig iPod.

  • Walked all over hell and gone and couldn’t think of anything for spice. Then Halide’s macro mode came to the rescue….

    It’s a pepper picker-upper.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, Day 7. @ronguest)

    I’ll do better tomorrow….

  • Had no worthwhile ideas for street, so I decided to just take a shot down the road I live on. Maybe, at least, it’ll seem a little interesting to someone.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge, day 6. @OhBananaJoe.)

  • Some Yodae.

    (October photoblogging challenge: toy @Gaby)

  • As it happens, I got blood drawn/tested today. (A lot of it….)

    The needle was (needles were) sharp.

    (October Photoblogging Challenge. @rnv)

  • Majority.

    (Day three of the October Photoblogging Challenge. @jemostrom)

  • Day 2: Dark.

    (October photoblogging challenge. @pratik.)

  • A touch of rain. Then a typhoon came.

    (October photoblogging challenge. Day 1 @warner) 📷

  • Bias buries its bodies in consequences. –Marcus Thompson II, The Athletic: “Sha’Carri Richardson got no mercy, and that’s a failure of extreme consequence”, 2021 July 3.

  • One gets hardened in time. –unnamed WWI soldier, quoted in Dan Carlin’s Blueprint for Armageddon III (@~53:30)


  • I am only capable of love and hate. And I hate General Falkenhayn. –Erich Ludendorff

  • Took an agitated 81+km ride this morning after waking up early. Never felt like I had any gas, and by the time I got to my predetermined turnaround spot, I was dreading the ride home. Played a Roderick on the Line (and most of a Pod Save America) and finally made it. 🚴‍♂️

  • That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.” —P.C. Hodgell


  • The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else. –Eliezer Yudkowsky; here.


  • Stuck my broken SX-70’s ND filter onto a friend’s old iPhone 5 and took photos with it on a long bike ride on an extremely sunny day. Pretty pleased with the results.

  • There’s no subtext to anything in the suburbs. –John Roderick; Roderick on the Line; episode 395, Talismans and Memories


  • If you don’t know what the problem is, you don’t know where to assign blame. —John Siracusa, Accidental Tech Podcast; episode, “409: Midrange Snob” (@1:45:59).


  • The only thing people hate more than the status quo is change of any type. –Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, NY; Pod Save the World, “Basket of Neanderthals” (@1:04:45).


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